The difference between UV printer printing and screen printing

            What is the difference between UV printer printing and screen printing? As a rookie in the printing market, UV printing has gradually replaced some traditional printing methods and printing equipment in recent years. Taking screen printing as an example, the advantages of UV printing equipment have led to a lot of efforts. The owners of traditional printing equipment want to change to a UV printer, but some bosses will also question, what is the difference between UV printer printing and screen printing? Screen printing is relatively traditional, and the technology is more sophisticated. UV Can the printer print technology achieve it? Carr said below. 

The difference between UV printer printing and screen printing

         1, cost comparison 

         Traditional screen printing requires film-making, and its own printing cost is more expensive. Good screen printing dots cannot be eliminated, and mass production is required to reduce costs. It is not possible to print small batches or individual products. 

The uv printer does not require such complicated layout design. It only needs simple picture processing. After calculating the relevant values, it can be directly operated by software. It can also print a product or batch printing. In the case of full-format printing, It only costs 5 yuan / square meter. Greatly save time and cost. 

          2, process comparison 

          The screen printing process is relatively complicated. Based on the original, the plate making and printing processes are selected according to different printing materials, and different materials have different processes, and the overall operation is quite troublesome. 

          UV printer printing process is relatively simple, just put the material to be printed on the UV printer platform, fix the position, the selected high-definition pictures in the software for simple typesetting and positioning, you can start printing. The printer mode is consistent for different materials, but only a few materials need coating and varnish effects. 

         3, print effect comparison

         The screen printing finished product has poor fastness, is easy to be scraped off, and is not waterproof. After printing, it needs to air dry for a while to dry completely.

         The UV printer prints colors comprehensively, the unique color management system does not need to perform color matching by itself, the printing effect is bright, and the printed product also has many advantages such as water resistance, scratch resistance, and wear resistance. Restriction, as long as the print size and unevenness are within the range allowed by the printer.

          The difference between them is not only the above points, the remaining advantages and differences can be consulted online customer service, or you can view "UV Printer Features".

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