Why the advertising printer market is so messy?

           Why is the advertising printer market so messy? Many customers who want to know and purchase advertising printers generally choose to go online to find out, or go to Alibaba to check the equipment prices of various companies, and then decide which company to go to check the equipment on the spot, but the attentive customers will find that when we are in When I learned about it online, I found that there are various opinions about advertising printers on the Internet. Without a unified standard, people will feel unreliable. So why is this?

the advertising printer market is so messy

           The advertising printer in the current market is a new type of printing equipment that has slowly become popular in recent years, and the appearance is similar and the functions are basically the same. Therefore, the reasons for the confusion in the advertising printer market are as follows:

          1. Advertising printer is a new technology with a broad market prospect, so there are many people who do it. Many manufacturers follow suit blindly and start a company if the technical level is not up to standard. It is a small workshop.

         2. There are too many manufacturers of advertising printers and there is fierce competition among each other. Some manufacturers maliciously attack other advertising printer manufacturers in order to sell more machines, and some manufacturers use inferior accessories in order to reduce the price of advertising printers, resulting in unstable machine quality and easy production. problem.

        3. Due to inadequate technology and materials, advertising printers are prone to problems, especially printer nozzles. We all know that the most important part of an advertising printer device is the nozzle, and some manufacturers use inferior nozzles or second-hand nozzles. Nozzles and equipment were sold at a low price, which caused some customers to run the machine for ten and a half months after they went home, and the machine was completely unusable, and some advertising printer manufacturers did not have after-sales at all, or the technical level was not enough to solve the problem, and the after-sales was not in place.

       The above points are the reasons for the confusion in the advertising printer market. So how to avoid choosing these bad manufacturers when buying and understanding the machine? So we should pay attention to the following 3 points when buying:

       First, understand the development history of this advertising printer manufacturer and see if there is a good technical foundation and strength.

       Second, pay attention to know whether the advertising printer manufacturers have a complete after-sales service before buying, after all, advertising printers are not a matter of hundreds of dollars.

       Third, of course, it is the price of advertising printers. It depends on whether the price set by the manufacturer is reasonable and moderate.

       Fourth, you can check whether there are any manufacturers using the device in the local area.

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