What to look for when buying advertising printing machines

               What is the most important thing to buy advertising printing machines? Now the advertising industry is doing very well, so many customers want to buy an advertising printing machine, but when buying, because some customers do not understand the machine, even some When my friend bought the machine and heard the manufacturer's introduction, I knew it was called an advertising printer. The function of the advertising printer is very powerful. Like the Hangzhou Kaler advertising printer, it can print reliefs and print flat 3D. Hangzhou Kaler will analyze the advertising printer What should be noted.

look for when buying advertising printing machines

             1, stability of advertising printer

             When we buy a machine, we must buy a 1610 advertising printer with good stability. Do not buy some modified machines or second-hand machines for the sake of cheapness. We buy machines to go back for better production. There are some machines and equipment. Buy Going back for three days, both ends are bad, and the printing effect is not good. Let's put it this way, a machine is very cheap, but its material effect is not good, and the old one is faulty. Others will repair it for you every day after sale. Would you like to buy such a machine? What if I leave it there?

             2 After-sales service of advertising printer manufacturers

             Many friends care about the after-sales. Everyone knows that the machine works for a long time, and the problem is unavoidable. After-sales is very important. If a company has a poor after-sales and the machine is broken, it will take you a few days. Maintenance, then you have to pay attention, such a company is best not to buy their equipment, because it will delay you a lot of time, the other is that it will lose your profit.

             3, the last is the price

             The general price is based on the configuration and service of the machine. If the material of the machine is good, the service is good, and the configuration is high, then the price of the machine is definitely higher. However, the price of advertising printing machines still has a standard value. For example, the price of 6090 is 50,000, the price of 1610 is about 100,000, and the price of 2513 is about 180,000. If the price of the machine is lower than this standard value, then you must be careful to buy. Hangzhou Kaler's machine is relatively good in material, and it can be regarded as a high match among peers. Some machine parts are imported from abroad, and after-sales service is also available. You can learn more about Hangzhou Kaler's online customer service in detail.

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